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Znaniye Education Centre's 20th Anniversary Grant Programme

Znaniye Education Centre is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Grant Programme.

During Term 1 of the 2023 - 2024 academic year, Znaniye aims to award grants of up to £300 to a maximum of 10 organisations, supporting the valuable work carried out by them.

Znaniye is inviting applications from organisations that promote and uphold the standards of Russian education and culture in the UK.

The Grant Programme presents an opportunity for organisations dedicated to advancing and preserving the excellence of Russian education and culture within the United Kingdom. Znaniye Education Centre is delighted to initiate this programme and support qualifying organisations in the upcoming academic year.

Whether it involves educational programmes, cultural events, language classes, or other initiatives, Znaniye Education Centre is eager to assist organisations that strive to uphold the standards of Russian education and culture in the UK.

This Grant Programme underscores Znaniye Education Centre's commitment to fostering collaboration and partnerships within the community. By providing financial resources to qualifying organisations, Znaniye Education Centre aims to empower and encourage their efforts, thereby creating a more vibrant and enriched Russian educational and cultural landscape in the United Kingdom.

Organisations interested in applying for the Znaniye Education Centre Grant Programme are invited to carefully fill out the application form below. The selection process will involve a thorough evaluation of each application, taking into account factors such as the impact of the proposed project and the organisation's potential to contribute to the broader Russian educational and cultural community.

Znaniye Education Centre looks forward to receiving inspiring applications from organisations passionate about Russian education and culture.

We invite you to join Znaniye Education Centre in this venture, and together, let us foster the growth and recognition of Russian education and culture within the United Kingdom.

Please find the application form below:

Znaniye Grant Programme - Application Form
Download DOCX • 116KB

Please complete all sections below and return your completed form and any additional evidence to support your application to

Applications are open till July 15th 2023 at 5 pm.

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