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UK Russian Language Pedagogical Conference And Annual Awards Ceremony

On November 15, 2023, the Cultural Educational Association proudly hosted the inaugural Annual Russian Language Pedagogical Conference at the Novotel London West.

Dedicated to preserving and enriching the vibrant heritage of Russian culture and language, the Cultural Educational Association (CEA) plays a central role as an initiative that unites Russian schools across the UK. By fostering a coordinated and innovative approach to education extending beyond traditional school frameworks, it aims to nurture a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Russian language and culture.

Together with the schools, our team of dedicated volunteers, organised by Oxana Gouli, ensured a successful and inspiring day.

The day commenced with an announcement from Vera Little, part of the CEA team, who announced an upcoming new Online Exam Programme that will soon be available for students. Following this was an engaging opening ceremony led by Znaniye Education Centre, featuring three expert panels that explored the research, development, and advantages of bilingualism and multilingualism.

Distinguished panellists, including Dr. Virginia Lam, who the CEA will be partnering with on a new research programme, Cllr Seema Kumar, and Dr. Valentina Shatalina, convened for Panel 1, focusing on the latest methodological studies and tools utilised in bilingual research. Panel 2, featuring Yasmin Sheikh CBE, Cllr Henry Higgins, The Honourable Alderman Mushtaq Lasharie, and the Mayor of the London Borough of Ealing, delved into the profound impact of bilingual education on cultural awareness and community diversity. Wrapping up the day, Panel 3 welcomed Yulia Romanenkova, Martin Pinder, Honorary Secretary of the Newham Partnership for Complementary Education and the esteemed Dr. Valentina Shatalina again, who discussed the advantages of bilingualism in Early Years education.

Following these captivating discussions, the day transitioned into three distinct sessions. Skazka School hosted 'Preschool Bilingual Education in Russian Schools', while Raduga School conducted an 'Exam Technology Workshop', and the Russian Orthodox Parish Church School held a session on 'Russian Culture and Art in the Educational Process'.

Culminating in a spectacular conclusion, the day ended with the 20th Annual Awards Ceremony honouring the Summer 2023 GCSE and A Level students. This much-anticipated event provided a special opportunity to celebrate the dedication and achievements of both students and teachers. The collective success of our schools and the tireless efforts of our educators were commemorated during this memorable occasion.

Znaniye, Skazka, Raduga, and the Children Church Parish Russian School of the Cathedral of Dormition of the Mother of God proudly presented their students with official exam certificates, bestowed by esteemed guests including Mushtaq Lasharie CBE, Natasha Hart MBE who also awarded Znaniye with an awards celebrating 20 Years of Success, Cllrs Mona Adams, Larisa Zilickaya and Marwan Elnagi. And along with their certificates, students were each given a special edition of a Russian classic novel. The Awards Ceremony featured mesmerising musical performances by Netti Robinson, Diana Mocanu from Kalinka Znaniye Dance Studio, and the Znaniye Teachers' Singing Group, creating memorable interludes between awards and celebrating the collective success of schools and the tireless efforts of educators and the great team of volunteers.

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Marianna Khodzoyan
Marianna Khodzoyan

Замечательная школа и преподавательский состав. спасибо большое за работу с нашими детьми. Очень рекомендуем


Kind To Bee
Kind To Bee

Прекрасная команда, чудесные дети, рады и гордимся вашими успехами! Особое спасибо Айне Мамаевой ❤️

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