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Private Tuition 

Group Courses

Having been established for over 20 years we have a large pool of teachers and specialists who are able to support you with any of your private tuition.

Our services

Znaniye has been successfully supporting students with private tutors since 2003. 

We provide tutors who teach in both English or Russian. 

Tuition takes place online, at our facilities across London or at the students home. 

Each private tutor is DBS checked and is familiar with all school policies, including safeguarding and E-safety. 

All of our tutors are trained and undergo continuous training and assessments. 

The price is dependent on the level of the chosen professional and the travelling expenses. 


Tuition in Russian

We specialise in porividng Russian speaking tutors who offer sessions in Russain langauge, literature, history, grammar, reading, maths, music and more, for all ages and abilities.


Group Courses

Znaniye provides group courses in various subjects which take place weekly. These sessions are all online and have a capacity of 5 students per group. They are taught by our specialist teachers who also teach weekly at our Russian Schools across London. Places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Students are all provided with weekly homework and regular progress reports. Teachers ensure an individual approach for each student. 

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Tuition in English

Znaniye also provides highly skilled teachers in English, Maths and Science at all levels. In addition to this, we offer tutors in all other English subjects such as History, Geography, Economics etc. 



Parents who wish to discuss their children's education, university or career prospects with our Education Consultants can get in touch via email (

Our consultants can guide you with the various services. 

  • Online Tuition 

  • Home Tutoring 

  • Accommodation 

  • 11 + Prep

  • Work Experience 

  • School Selection Services 

  • UCAS 

  • University Preparation

We specialise in ensuring that your child has the most effective assistance throughout their educational journey. 


We provide:

Online Tuition

Home Tuition

Opportunity to sit your GCSE and

A level exams at Znaniye Education Centre


List of subjects offered:

Piano / Music






and more

Our Approach



To begin we require you to fill in an enquiry below. Here you will inform us of the service you are interested in, the subjects you would like to study, your level etc


Free Consultation

We will arrange a call from someone from our team who will further find out what your goals are and we will advise what service we believe would suit you best


Matched with tutor

We then match you with a tutor and offer you an initial free 15 introduction session during which you meet your tutor and schedule future sessions

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