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Frequently Asked 

We have answered some of the questions you may have below. Please have a look. 

  • How much does attending Znaniye cost? Can I pay in instalments?
    Znaniye fees vary, depending on which location and course you are enrolling in. Information on in-person preschool, primary and GCSE/A-Level fees can be found here. Information on online course fees can be found here. For information on private tuition, premium services and full-time school fees please get in touch at Instalments are agreed on a case by case basis, if you would like to request a payment plan, please get in touch. The decision is at the discretion of our headteacher.
  • Can Znaniye offer financial assistance?
    Yes. Please get in touch with us at to discuss potential bursary options for your child.
  • Are any discounts available?
    We are pleased to offer a 10% discount fee on the 2nd Sibling and 15% for the 3rd sibling.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    No. Missed term dates are not refunded, however, should the school have to close due to Covid, we will immediately move online, if this option doesn’t suit the child, fees can then be refunded.
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