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GCSE & A-Level Courses

We are the largest Russian Exam Centre in London,  

with a current 100% A*-A pass rate for students taught through Znaniye year on year, and the top results in the country.

Not only are we here to prepare the students, but we also act as a consultation and guidance team for the student and family throughout the entire process.

Znaniye Education Centre

Znaniye is an established and accredited examination centre.

We have a track record of achieving the highest Russian GCSE and A Level results in the UK. 

We are able to enrol candidates as both internal and external candidates, which means they do not need to study with us in order to sit exams via our centre.


*Terms and Conditions*

  •  Please contact regarding any exam queries, questions and applications 

  •  All students are required to sit a Mock exam at Znaniye Russian School prior to entering for an exam 

  •  Fees must be paid on time and any late entries or amendments will carry an additional cost to the client.

  • Any student who wishes to withdraw their examination application must inform in writing. No refunds can be issued 

Summer 2024 Exams

Mock Exams 

​Prior to sitting exams with Znaniye, all students, Internal or External will need to first sit a Mock Exam.

These are held prior to the exams at our centres, and can also be arranged individually for late enrolments.


Confirmed Round 1 Mock Dates: 25 / 26th November 2023

Round 2 Mock Dates: TBC - Early February







CURRENT COST (till 1st Nov 2023)



Pearson Edexcel, the Exam Board, have confirmed the Exam Dates for the Summer 2024 GCSE and A Level Exams.

Please see below the confirmed Dates and Times:

A Level


Speaking - April/May 2024 (TBC for each individual candidate)


PAPER 1: Listening, Reading and Translation - Thursday 23 May 2024 - 1PM

PAPER 2 : Written Response to Works and Translation - Thursday 6 June 2024 - 9AM




Speaking - April/May 2024 (TBC for each individual candidate)


PAPER 1H + 3H: Listening and Understanding / Reading and Understanding - Monday 3 June 2024 - 1PM

PAPER 4H:  Writing in Russian - Monday 17 June 2024  - 9AM

Exam Pricing and Enrolment


Please submit your fully completed form to
Once received, you will receive an invoice for payment



GCSE Online Course 

GCSE In-Person Classes 

Private Tuition 

Mock Exams 



Our GCSE course thoroughly prepares students to sit the GCSE Edexcel Pearson examinations in the UK. We are an Edexcel-accredited school and official exam centre. Students can additionally opt to take the Russian GCSE exam at their own school and simply prepare with us! We also accept students from other schools to sit their exams at our centre.

Students who decide to take their exams with Znaniye must first sit a mock examination, which takes place in November and January and allows us to alter the course for each student and ensure that each student is able to receive the best grade possible. The course ensures each student is prepared for each component of the exam: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening/Understanding, through various methods such as historical texts, videos, essays, text reviews and more.

A Level Online Course

  • A Level In-Person Classes

  • Private Tuition

  • Mock Exams

  • Assessments

  • Consultations

The standard 2-year course was designed specifically to prepare students for the A Level (A2 or GCE) exam. This course is in-depth and provides the students with a much deeper level of understanding of not only the Russian language, grammar and complex speech but also culture, history and more. We do now also have options for 1 year, express courses, and online-only courses as well.

The Russian A-level can be taken with or without previous Russian Examinations at GCSE level. Our new programme was developed in response to the changes in the A-level Edexcel examination which were introduced by Edexcel in 2017.

Students who decide to take their exams with Znaniye must first sit a mock examination, this takes place in November and January. Students from other centres or schools can again request to sit their exams at our centre.


Online via Zoom 

In person at any of our London locations 

At Znaniye we also offer private tuition. Families may opt for this type of teaching if they would prefer a one-on-one teaching style or are unable to attend weekend classes, these can be in person or online for our global students.

If parents or tutors would like to prepare their students from home they can book a consultation to find out more about exam preparation and studies.

Consultations are available to assess a student's current level of Russian, following the consultation, the assessor will send a report and recommendations for the best route to exam preparation and success.

Peter, Ex-Parent

My two children studied GCSE and "A" level at Znaniye Russian school. For both exams they achieved top grades. From knowing little of Russian literature they now have a sound knowledge of some of the Russian literary greats. What was particularly impressive that the "A" course also covered aspects of Russian history, geography & socio-economics.  The children found the teachers easy to follow, friendly and motivating. All in all I think Znaniye has done a great job .

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