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The Second Eurasian Women's Forum

“We Have to Teach Children to Understand Different Cultures”

Women representatives from over 110 countries participated in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. They shared about different projects and programmes actualised in their countries. The founder of Znaniye Russian School, Aina Mamaeva, was invited by the Russian government to participate.

Below we attach an interview from one of the Znaniye representatives who travelled to Russia with Aina Mamaeva.

The representative told us about the Russian school in London.

Russian in not everything that Znaniye teaches their children from London. Teachers also cultivate children’s understanding of different cultures and the importance of international cooperation in solving global issues. Besides, the head and the founder of the school is a woman. This fact reminds us once again, that women always approach any problem being aware of their mission to bring peace and prosperity to our world. What is more, Znaniye school is the great example of women being successful entrepreneurs.

Znaniye is sure positive attitude to life should be a key factor in educating children. Mass media play an important role in that. What people hear, see, and read, should be of high quality. It should not promote the entirely negative view on things while focusing on bad news.

On the left Aina Mamaeva, Founder of Znaniye Russian School

At the Second EWF, Znaniye met many women concerned about the future of their countries and the whole world. The representative from Znaniye is sure: every woman should not stop moving forward, fully understand her aim and follow it, while having the idea of the future she wants to create for the youth. Our interviewee advised women to support one another. That is how they will achieve much.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov

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