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Modern Technologies In The Teaching Of Russian As A Foreign Language

On Friday the 29th November 2019, Znaniye and Zlatoust Publishing House, with support from Rossotrudnichestvo, hosted the 'Modern Technologies in the Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language' Conference at David Game College. Attendee's included experienced top Russian Language Teachers, new and aspiring teachers as well as parents, linguists and researchers.

The talks were given by the incomparable Inga Mangus - Doctor of Pedagogics, founder and president of the Estonian Association of Russian Language and Literature, CEO and Founder of Pushkin Institute in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as the author and world lead in publishing of Russian As A Foreign Language books (over 30 publications.)

The day began with an introduction by Aina Mamaeva, Founder and Director of Znaniye Russian School, discussing Znaniyes new release of their books 'Azbuka' which can now be purchased.

This was followed by Inga's presentation on “Innovation in Russian Language”, and a first glimpse at her new textbook “Come on!” and its basic principles and components. 

Following this, attendees were treated to an open lesson on 'What a Modern Lesson looks like' including a group discussion and then an introduction into the new learning games in the "Come on!" textbook from Inga.

Not only were attendees given a first look in to these new world class books, but also a chance to purchase the materials and discuss them with the authors in person.

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