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Growing up Bilingual - Educational Perspectives

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

In the age of globalisation and cultural diversity, the ability to communicate in a variety of languages has almost become a prerequisite for cosmopolitan living. The aim of this panel discussion was to gain insight into the applications and importance of language to contemporary society.

Our panel and special guests shared their views on growing up bilingual today. Their culminated knowledge offered a perspective which reflected their various academic, political, and personal experiences.

It was our pleasure to be joined by honorary guests Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko who has served as the Ambassador of Russia to the United Kingdom since January 2011.

The patron of our school, Nikita Dmitrievich Lobanov-Rostovsky  a notable art collector of Russian stage design. The Russian prince is a thirty-third generation ancestor of Rurik, and a descendent of the princes of Rostov. And finally the director of Rossotrudnichestvo: Anton Chesnokov, who we would like to also thank for allowing Znaniye to host this event.

“Multilingualism as Cultural Capital”

Topics discussed included:

“What does academic research say a

bout growing up bilingual?”

Dr Virginia L. Lam, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of

East London (UEL)

“The Importance of the Cyrillic alphabet”

Alex Oma – Pius FRSA, CEO / Artistic Director, Iroko Theatre Company,

Stratford, Newham, London

“Russian Language Tests for

Bilingual Children: Educational Potential”

Dr Marina Kunovski, Head of Russian Language Department,

RUDN, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

“Multilingualism as cultural capital”

Dr Emily Finer, Senior Lecturer in Russian, University of

St. Andrews, Scotland

“Learning in languages: Comparison of Higher Education between Russia and Britain”

Anna Sergeevna, Graduate of Higher School of Economics University, Moscow and St. Andrews University, Scotland

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