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Growing Up Bilingual

On the 14 th  of September 2019, Znaniye Russian School hosted the 2 nd  Bilingual Conference “Understanding Growing up Bilingual”, the event was organised in partnership with the University of East London. Opened by Aina Mamaeva, the founder and director of Znaniye Russian School, followed by Patima Shareefy and Evie Hill who are heading development at Znaniye; Senior Lecturer from the School of Psychology UEL, Dr Virginia Lam; Doctoral Researcher, Layal Husain; RUDN University and many more.


The guests heard presentations about the benefits of studying a second language,

what academic research shows about growing up bilingual for both the child and

family, the development of Russian schools such as Znaniye and the growing

demand for learning Russian abroad. The conference then went into particular

detail about the methods Znaniye uses to ensure the best teaching and learning

as a leading Russian school, such as new methods of teaching language in a more

comprehensive and tangible manner through art, music, dance and maths, as well

as the cognitive benefits and growing research in the field of bilingual education.

The event was a great success with more attendees than expected; Guests

included parents and partners from Znaniye Russian School, representatives from

the Russian Education Consortium, the executive director of the National

Resource Centre for Supplementary Education, The hon. Secretary Newham

partnership for complementary education Martin Pinder and more.  

Znaniye continues to understand the importance of and promotes the on-going

research into the area of bilingual education both in the UK and internationally.

Over the past year, the UEL Doctoral Researcher from the School of Psychology

was welcomed weekly into Znaniye Russian Schools largest branch in Startford to

conduct research with bilingual children. Layal is currently continuing her


The event was the second bilingual conference which followed on from 2018’s

“Growing up Bilingual: Educational Perspectives’ which was opened by the

Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko himself, showing the continued growing

interest in the study of Bilingual education amongst international partners,

universities and researchers.

Curious to know more about the first conference? Check out this post!

The school which has now promoted the study of Russian in the UK and abroad

for over 16 years, brings partners, new guests, educational influencers and

influential figures together to discuss the importance of bilingualism and research

behind it.

For all the questions and enquiries, please, contact us here.

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