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Bilik launches “Immunity against indifference” movement!

Bilik Azerbaijani School, a partner school of Znaniye based in our Chelsea Branch - have launched their 'Immunity against indifference' movement.

In these troubling times, they are working to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society and in differing communities, get essentials delivered to their homes.

See what they said about the project here: 'As we are entering the period of uncertainty, there is no doubt that with collective efforts we will be able to overcome the existing challenges. The main question now is not whether humanity will survive, but rather if we can defend humanity in us? We must not forget that there are more vulnerable people around and a small step from each of us can go a really long way. In the end we will be judged by our capacity for compassion through this generation defining moment!'

We are so incredibly proud to work with and alongside Bilik and their team - who are doing everything they can to keep spirits high and morale going.

Please give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook @Bilik_UK

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