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Beginning of the Term at Znaniye Russian School!

We are so happy to welcome all of our students back! And, of course, see new faces! Full-time school, weekend school and Russian language courses have missed you all and we hope you missed too!


On the weekend of 7 and 8 of September, Znaniye Russian School held the first classes in Stratford, Ealing, and Chelsea, right in the heart of the UK. The Russian language and culture lectures started for both new students and all the familiar faces. 

Oh, autumn, what a season! Colorful, a bit melancholic yet full of new exciting events. Time of beginnings! Like the beginning of a school year. Some might just step into the life of a student while others would dive right into a new exciting field of expertise to enlighten themselves about something they haven’t been so aware of before.

At Znaniye Russian School, the first day of school is a huge happening of high importance needing lots of attention and preparation. Luckily for everyone, it was a success! Teachers could not be more excited to see enthusiastic students willing to learn. By the way, did you know that last year our students managed to get the highest scores and pass all of the exams, will we manage to reach the same results this year? We’ll see! But with effort and the huge desire to know as much as possible and be even better than before, we have no doubts everything is possible. 

The upcoming school year will bring more interesting happenings and collaborations, such as our new Russian-British curriculum in partnership with David Game College! The school offers a fully immersive Russian - British curriculum right in the City of London. The school enrolls students ages 13+ and runs on Monday - Friday. 

If you are not familiar with our programs, don't hesitate to check out more of out offers on here.

But that is not all of the news we have! This year, teachers of Znaniye guided by the director of the school, a pro in the field, and just a brilliant specialist Aina Mamaeva developed new study books together with RUDN, one of the biggest international universities in Moscow, Russia. Covering the most important aspects of the Russian study, the books are designed specifically for the best programs available to students.

What can be more exciting than taking off with a great event right at the start of the year? Last Saturday at Stratford Square, Znaniye co-hosted an event focusing on the importance of bilingualism for kids. Knowing two cultures and two languages is a gift and a great use for any kid’s future. Wanna know more? Keep in touch and wait for our next blog post!

For all the questions and enquiries, please, contact us here.

So many more things to come... The only way is forward!

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