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Znaniye has become a full-service educational platform and as part of this,

we are incredibly pleased to be able to offer all of our lessons online, as well as in person.


 Both private tuition and group lessons are available through our specially developed online portal, which means that students can join us globally, and are no longer restricted by location.

As the only Russian School to have our own published textbooks based on our curriculum, we are able to offer a system where we can continue providing the top level of education, and service to all.


From working with our youngest students and providing options to keep them intrigued and stimulated, to personally managed exam preparation for those looking to pass their GCSE's

and A Levels.



For our group classes, we like to ensure each child is placed in the appropriate class, to effectively learn as best they can,

this means each new person receives a personal consultation prior to trialling their first E-Lesson.

...And for private tuition, our one to one lessons - we ensure each student (adult or child!) is placed with the appropriate teacher for their needs.

Be it grasping the language and its basics, or Russian Grammar and Speech Development, or even Russian History and Literature, we have expert level teachers for all.

Take a look at a few of our lessons...

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 13.22.49.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 13.20.51.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 13.26.55.png
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