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Our philosophy on language learning is that it is most effective when students are engaged in meaning-making activities.


The main goal in this way is to make the process of learning Azerbaijani enjoyable, thus, increasing children’s desire to learn.


Without chasing immediate results, we prefer to build a healthy foundation for children to love the language.


This method may be compared to the process of staying fit by doing interesting sport activities and practising beloved sports, instead of practicing endless boring exercise routines in the gym. We are not trying to reinvent the bicycle, still, we refuse to blindly follow the established guidelines of outdated teaching methods.


Our soulful and individual approach will make each student, surrounded by congenial classmates, feel cared for in the family-like environment.


All our classes are comprised of 3 lessons within the 2 hour session.


These are:

Speaking: Where our main objective is to develop conversational skills and correct pronunciation through natural and fascinating discussions. Introducing essential vocabulary and helping students to achieve fluency and build confidence through advancing their oratory.


Reading: In addition to stories and articles that we will read together in class, children are going to be engaged in a detailed treatment of a topic. Students will be introduced to Azerbaijani Prominent Literature Classics. Our students will have exclusive access to Bilik’s growing Library.


Writing: Alphabet will be our main focus for beginners, and more advanced students will express their thoughts in writing historic summaries related to our Homeland.

Əgər məndən soruşsalar ki,

dövlətdən, naz-nemətdən nəyim var,

qürur hissi ilə deyərdim:

bütün kainatı, yer üzünü

təsvir etməyə qadir sözüm,

Ana dilim var!


Cəlil Məmmədquluzadə



Contact Bilik

Tel: 07722237777



Marlborough Primary School,

Draycott Avenue Chelsea

London SW3 3AP

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