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Znaniye becomes part of a world-class accreditation scheme for Russian Education Organisations operating outside of Russia


The Russian Education Consortium (REC) 

  • Welcome to the Russian Education Consortium. We are the national champion for excellence, innovation and partnership in Russian Education 

  • We campaign on a global scale on behalf of Russian schools and their students, tutors and leaders. We aim to help raise the profile of Russian schools operating outside of Russia and their standards of teaching, learning and management.

  • To meet global need for the delivery of high-quality Russian education, REC accreditation scheme has been developed by trusted experts to raise quality standards 

  • This world-class scheme offers providers a unique opportunity to stand out in an increasingly growing and competitive market 


The aim of the scheme 

  • To acknowledge the quality of institutions that are outstanding in the field of Russian education 

  • The REC inspection process is designed to support provides in their efforts to continually improve 

  • On successful completion, REC accreditation gives the training provider the opportunity to raise its profile in a competitive market with access to the esteemed REC quality mark 


Grow your credibility 

  • REC offers globally recognized quality assurance that confirms that an institution has met a standard of teaching. This provides students and stakeholders with the reassurance that they are studying and working with a credible organization. In turn, the institution gains a competitive edge in the global education market 

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