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In our PreSchool classes we focus on interactive engagement with the fundamentals of language, from auditory learning, focus on letter to letter, and finally grasping words as a whole.


We incorporate a mixed methodology, informed by psychologists and speech therapists. The aim of these classes is to enrich students with the basics of the Russian language and prepare children for the school environment.

As with all other stages of Znaniye, we have our own specialised curriculum and our own textbooks created for this stage of learning, specifically targeted to the students age group and requirements.​

Our PreSchool classes run in all branches!



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Our Primary courses are developed for children from the age of six and include the study of the Russian language, literature and reading, development of speech, and elements of Russian culture and history.

Znaniye is the only school that works with our teachers, psychologists and global partners such as Universities, to develop its own curriculum and own set of books that are used in the school, with homework and can be purchased from us online as well. These books also guide the students through the course and use various methods to encourage and instil learning.


We also have RKI, or Russian as a Foreign Language Lessons which run in each branch, and work with students who's native language is not Russian! These groups not only have specialised teachers, and curriculums, but benefit from the expertise of Znaniye staff. Each year Znaniye runs training globally on the topic of Russian Language Education.

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