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Znaniye Russian School is the UK's leading Russian Exam Centre, with 100% of Znaniye Students receiving an A-A* Grades for both GCSE and A Levels

External Students can also enrol to sit their Russian exams with us

Prior to sitting exams with Znaniye, all students, Internal or External will need to first sit a Mock Exam - these are held prior to the exams at our centres, and can also be arranged individually for late enrolments. To book your space at our Mock Exams, please register here




Summer 2020 Exams

Students who took their GCSE and A Level Exams in Summer 2020 (via teacher assessment due to physical exam cancellations in light of Covid-19) will still receive their results in the same manner and on the planned dates as follows:

GCSE Summer Exam Results Day 2020: 20th August

A Level Summer Exam Results Day 2020: 13th August 2020

Due to the cancellation of physical exams and many candidates having to withdraw from the exam season, Exam Boards have confirmed that they will now hold an Autumn Exams Session for both GCSE and A Level in ALL Subjects - 

However, ONLY those who were already previously enrolled will be able to re-enrol at present

The dates for the exams will be as follows:


15th October 2020 

22nd October 2020



16th November 2020

19th November 2020

If you enrolled with Znaniye for exams this year and were forced to withdraw due to the situation with cancellations, but want to continue to sit your exam with us this Autumn, please get in touch urgently or fill this form

The windows for admissions are:

A levels: 12th August - 4th September 2020

GCSE: 19th August - 18th September 2020

Autumn 2020 - New Exams

Exam Sign Up 2020-2021

We are now opening up our waiting list for the Summer 2020-2021 Exam Series for both GCSE and A Level.

If you are planning to take your exams this academic year, we recommend that you send in your application early as our Mock Exam Dates Will be announced during the first term of this year.

Please fill the below - and email a full copy to exams@znaniye.com

Exam Pricing 2019-2020

(updated yearly)

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