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Znaniye Russian School is the UK's leading Russian Exam Centre, with 100% of Znaniye Students receiving an A-A* Grades for both GCSE and A Levels

External Students can also enrol to sit their Russian exams with us

Prior to sitting exams with Znaniye, all students, Internal or External will need to first sit a Mock Exam - these are held prior to the exams at our centres, and can also be arranged individually for late enrolments. 

Exam Sign Up 2021 + UPDATES


Enrolment is currently open for Summer 2021 Exams, for both GCSE and A Level.

External candidates, please fill the below form - and email a full copy to exams@znaniye.com.

Following the Governments Lockdown Announcement on January 6th 2021, see below an update on exams with Znaniye Education Centre (for A-Level and GCSE), Centre 12455


So far, the Government have announced the following so far:


"Exams for pupils across England will not go ahead as currently planned, Boris Johnson has confirmed.

And he said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson would work with the exams regulator, Ofqual, to put in place "alternative arrangements" for how grades will be awarded for the academic year 2020/21."

We, Znaniye, have had a consultation with Pearson, the Russian GCSE and A-Level Exam Board, and we will be passing on updates to all students as soon as the exam/evaluation format or anything else has been confirmed.


It has been confirmed that students wishing to take the exams or received a grade this year, must continue to prepare in full and complete their courses. Having dealt with a lockdown during the last exam season and still ensuring all our students received the top grade (100% A*-A) our full systems are already in place online to confidently handle any changes and to continue to full effect.

It is vital for this stage of learning to continue to prepare in full for all eventualities, and so we welcome external students to now join our centre as internal students, if they wish to be prepared to the highest level.

The procedure for assessment was announced on the 25th February 2021 - confirming grade will be done by Centre Assessment.


Teachers will be able to draw on a range of evidence when determining grades, including the optional use of questions provided by exam boards, as well as mock exams, coursework, or other work completed as part of a pupil’s course, such as essays or in-class tests. No algorithm will be used. Teachers will submit grades to exam boards by 18 June, allowing as much teaching time as possible before teachers make their assessments.

Students will need to be assessed in full by an official centre, with the centre submitting the grade.

To support teachers in making their judgements, exam boards will provide detailed guidance before the end of the spring term.

Thus we have different options to support students which are detailed below:


£25 p/30mins 

Private Tuition with Accredited Exam Teacher: 


If you enrol for a minimum of 2 hours per week, starting from January, you will qualify as an internal candidate:

GCSE £45 p/h 

A-LEVEL £55 p/h 


Group School Lessons (Online During Lockdown)

Will be enrolled as an internal candidate.

4 hours per weekend till exam/submission

£46.00 per weekend (invoices per term)

Portfolio Creation and Assessment (If required) (External Candidate Option)

Will be enrolled as an external/private candidate

10 set hours of assessment


All External and Internal candidates will need to sit our full mock exam in order to be enrolled, which can be booked below.


Znaniye Mock Exams are designed with the Pearson Edexcel specification by our expert accredited teachers.

These mock exams are held in full exam conditions and ensure the students can prepare to the highest level.

Our Mock exams also include the exam results, parent-teacher consultation, and predicted grades, which can be used for UCAS (for those applying to University). Mocks can now only be held on an individual basis.


Exam Enrolment Pricing - SUMMER 2021