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Znaniye Russian School is the UK's leading Russian Exam Centre, with 100% of Znaniye Students

receiving an A-A* Grades for both GCSE and A Levels each year.

Private and External Students can also enrol to sit their Russian exams with us each season.

Prior to sitting exams with Znaniye, all students, Internal or External will need to first sit a Mock Exam -

these are held prior to the exams at our centres, and can also be arranged individually for late enrolments. 

Exam Sign Up 2021 - 2022


For Summer 2022, External candidates, please fill the below form -

and email a full copy to exams@znaniye.com.

AUTUMN 2021 Exams Season Confirmed

JCQ, the Joint Council for Qualifications, has confirmed that there will be a replacement exam series this Autumn to allow students who were unable to pass their GCSE or A-Levels in Summer, due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns, to sit the full exams in normal conditions.

Znaniye's waiting list is now open - accepting Private and External Candidates as well.

For more information please get in touch with the details attached below, to enrol, please submit the above form to exams@znaniye.com

Confirmed Autumn Dates:

A Level Russian - Paper 1 October 14th

Paper 2 - October 21st

GCSE Russian - Paper 1 + 2 - November 25th

Paper 3 - 1st December

Autumn Entry Deadlines:

AS / A Level 

Entries Open: 09/08/2021 

Entry Deadline: 08/09/2021

Late Fees Charged From: 09/09/2021


Entries Open: 11/08/2021

Entry Deadline: 04/10/2021

Late Fees Charged From: 05/10/2021


Znaniye Mock Exams are designed with the Pearson Edexcel specification by our expert accredited teachers.

These mock exams are held in full exam conditions and ensure the students can prepare to the highest level.

Our Mock exams also include the exam results, parent-teacher consultation, and predicted grades, which can be used for UCAS

(for those applying to University). 


Exam Enrolment Pricing -


Exam Centre Feedback

"We are thrilled with her A* and are very grateful for the preparation she received in Znaniye and the way the assessment was organised, it was hassle-free, and we really appreciate it."


"This is magnificent! We’re so pleased. Shane worked very hard and with your impeccable assistance this great grade was made possible. I can’t thank you enough for your support."


"I woke up to amazing news. I thank you so much for supporting me since the beginning of my course and I also want to thank my Russian and Economics teachers for everything they have done for me."


"Thank you very much for all your communication. We have received the results and are very pleased with them. :-)"


"Thank you so much for your help and hard work during the exams preparation and to all the teachers, who done their best during this time. We were very pleased with the GCSE results."