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Znaniye is proud to also have a full wonderful branch in Germany.

Take a look here to find a little more about them, and the work they do:

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Znaiye Germany was launched in 2017, and is located in the town of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany. Our school is run by Kristina Ismailova, philologist from Russia, and her daughter Diana, who will soon finish her English and Russian studies to become a teacher. Both take care of the school’s organisational business, plan events and each teach a class in the Russian language.

The school has nine more teachers who all have Russian roots and are skilled educators in schools or kindergartens. Moreover, we have 4 helpers, students with Russian roots who have come to Germany to study, who help the teachers in the classes with preschoolers.

We run Sundays from 10am until 1:30pm, and from 1:30pm until 2:30pm along with additional classes like dance, theatre and different workshops.


Our lessons include the Russian language, such as training the children’s reading and language skills, but also Russian and German culture, music, dance and theatre.

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In our lessons, we always make sure that we include both cultures, the German and the Russian.

We always talk about current holidays, like Christmas, New Years, International Women’s Day (which isn’t celebrated in Germany at all), Easter and Halloween, and make sure the children see the world from different perspectives and learn new things.

Holidays like Christmas and international woman’s day we always celebrate with a big event, where we play games, our children recite poems, sing songs and our theatre and dance groups perform. We all celebrate events like the first day of fall, Halloween or Carnival, which is an important holiday in Bavaria. To make sure we emphasise the importance of both, the Russian and the German cultures, we always try to mix things up. For example, our dance group have already performed the typical Russian dance “Kalinka”, and a typical Bavarian dance at our events. They also performed at different events organised by our city, like children festivals and street fairs. We hold different workshops in both German and Russian, for anyone interested - young and old, members of our school or not. We've already had workshops in programming, how to create your own soap, modelling dolls out of cotton and paste and more. Workshops we are planning to hold: how to make slime, advanced programming, knitting and many more!

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