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Your support means the world to us and there are many ways you can help!


Znaniye has been working to support children for over 18 years. Sponsorship, Gifts and Donations go a long way and make a massive difference to the opportunities we can deliver to children across the country. The Russian Schools on weekends give children the opportunity to interact with others, be in a safe environment and learn skills that help guide them through life. Outside of school hours, Znaniye organises clubs for children and cultural events. The smallest donations make a massive difference to us. 

Here are just some of the ways you can support us: 


We love collaborating with others. If you would like to become a sponsor please do reach out. We are always excited to explore how we

can work with others or how other organisations can

support us. 


A lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Most of the time this is because the staff and parents

put in effortless hours of their

own time to reduce costs where possible. Donations make a

massive difference to the work we

do and what we can offer to

children. From extra classes,

to better facilities or more after

school clubs the list goes on. 


Znaniye believes that if a student

has the talent to study here, then

the cost of studying should not prevent them from having a place. Scholarships give students the opportunity to expand their opportunities regardless of

financial circumstances. 


A gift always comes a surprise.

Be it a donation of books, school materials, office furniture,

a financial contribution or

anything else we can only pass

on a massive thank you.

Thank you for supporting the

work we do and believing in us.


As we are one of the largest

Russian Supplementary Schools we often are met with research proposals. This however requires support. A donation made to

research means we can

continue to find out more about bilingual and multilingual


Although Znaniye Russian School has evolved and grown substantially since 2003, we still need your support to ensure our continued success in the years to come. If you are able to support us in any way please get in touch with our development team via email at 

We are happy to explore any other support you can offer and look forward to working with you!

School Building

We teach our students to Dream Big. And so we do the same. 

For the past 15 years our biggest dream has been to invest in a

School Building. We have striven to be the best at what we do and develop the best education programmes for students. Our

next step is to have a base. A place where we can educate students and help them fulfil their own dreams.

We hope that one day, with the support of others, we are able

to run our school from our own facilities. 

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