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Znaniye offers private tuition to students of all ages, both virtually and in person.

Families may opt for this type of teaching if they would prefer a one-on-one teaching style or are unable to attend weekend classes, or even want to boost a students learning particularly at the time of exams.


We do however encourage and advise students to attend weekend schools as this allows group work, which we find is a more active and dynamic experience.


Following personal consultation, we suggest specialists best fit to the needs of the student. Then the student can choose a teacher, suitable times and locations for the lessons. The price is dependent on the level of the chosen professional and the travelling expenses. 

Each private tutor is DBS checked, and references are always available upon request.

All of our teachers are signed to Znaniye, and are fully trained, and required to adhere to our safety procedures, safeguarding policies and more. 

All private tuition is organised through Znaniye (dates, times and fee's) meaning we can monitor the entire process and ensure procedures along the way.


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