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Translated from Russian as ‘knowledge,' Znaniye was established in 2003, driven by the desire to deliver a unique and dynamic education to students in London. Znaniye has proceeded to successfully hoist its flag and maintain the objective of navigating students through an educational journey to the right way to success.


Eighteen years on, we remain grounded in our original ethos.


The Passengers: we consistently promote the individuality of our students whilst equipping them with the necessary tools to both explore and flourish in the world of academics, such that each student discovers their own natural path to achievement.


The Crew: our professional teachers are not only qualified with diplomas and years of experience, but have also partaken in vigorous training at world-famous universities such as Lomonosov – Moscow State University, RUDN Moscow University, and The Institution of Pushkin.


The Aim: to ensure that every student aboard our program leaves us equipped with both the intelligence and skills necessary to adapt in future journeys. Armed with the rich Russian heritage fundamental to Znaniye, as well as language and cultural skills, our students carry confidence and distinction around others.  


Since 2003, I have watched over 3000 unique students cast off from us in their own ships, applying skills learned from Znaniye to journeys of their own. Their achievements are a testimony to our dedication to the right way of success. Our Annual Awards ceremony, at which we mark the arrival at their destination for our students, is, for me, a proud and optimistic event, as well as a display of gratitude towards all our staff and families for their work and support.



Aina Mamaeva,

Principal, Znaniye Russian School

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