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About Znaniye

Znaniye Russian School was founded by Aina Mamaeva in 2003. Since then the school has become the leading Russian school in London. 

We specialise in sharing the Russian language with both native and non-native speakers, and preparing students to sit Russian GCSE and A-level examinations. Our school offers multifaceted approaches to Russian culture through various classes including: Russian Language, Russian Literature, drama classes, dance classes, art classes, choir classes, history classes.


We admit students from the age of 3, with over 350 students enrolling with us each year.


Parents and students choose Znaniye Russian School because of the high level of teaching and our precise attention to each individual. Teachers are able to tailor the Znaniye experience to suit every student and classes consist of a student to teacher ratio of no more than 10:1, meaning that each pupil has the space to be actively engaged with the curriculum. We welcome students from all backgrounds, with all levels of educational capabilities.

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