Specialist Maths Course at Znaniye

This course has been developed after conducting extensive research into maths programs which are developed in both the UK and in Russia.

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Many parents are familiar with the situation that the child does not understand and does not like math, and they are not always able to help them. At the same time, formal exams (GCSE, etc.) are ahead, in which it is necessary to show a good result. As a solution to the problem, a "training for the result” method is chosen (large volumes of the same type of tasks similar to the examination ones). As a result: the child hates and is afraid of mathematics (according to the results of surveys of British schoolchildren, mathematics is recognized as the most difficult and least favorite subject at the same time), while real knowledge is not formed.

Thic course not only teaches children maths in a way that is enjoyable and interactive, but is also created taking into account the task of mastering the Russian language. By solving various mathematical problems, by analyzing and comparing familiar fairy-tale and real objects, fixing and replenishing the vocabulary, they become more deeply aware of the use of Russian words. For example, words that define colors, shapes, sizes of objects for children become "tangible" because they learn to find common features and differences in them, to build logical chains and sequences from these words.

For the formation of the programme, the Znaniye Maths coordinator has
explored several areas which have been incorporated into a maths course - these include:

1.  Peterson Textbooks тетради Петерсон which are some of the best preschool and primary mathematics textbooks in Russia and particularly in fields of: arithmetic and number theory, set theory, logic etc.

2. Iintellectual games’ "Интеллектуальные игры" Никитина ( "Уникуб", "Кубики для всех", "Сложи квадрат"и т.д.)- which focuses on the best games for the development of geometric concepts and spatial imagination.

3. Exercises on probability theory and statistics as taught in British Schools

 4. Various puzzles related to the history of the world of mathematics including “Pythagorean Puzzle", "the Columbus egg” etc. ( "ТанГрам", "Головоломка Пифагора", "Колумбово яйцо" и т.п.)

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