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My two children studied GCSE and "A" level at Znaniye Russian school. For both exams they achieved top grades. From knowing little of Russian literature they now have a sound knowledge of some of the Russian literary greats. What was particularly impressive that the "A" course also covered aspects of Russian history, geography & socio-economics.  The children found the teachers easy to follow, friendly and motivating. All in all I think Znaniye has done a great job - (Peter, Ex Parent)

We are the largest Russian Exam Centre in London, with a current 100% A*-A pass rate for students taught through Znaniye.

Our GCSE course prepares students to sit the GCSE examinations at Znaniye, we are an Edexcel accredited school. Students can additionally opt to take the Russian GCSE exam at their own school and simply prepare with us. We also accept students from other schools to sit their exams at our centre.

Students who decide to take their exams with Znaniye must first sit a mock examination, this takes place in November and January 


This 2-year course was designed specifically to prepare students for the AS qualification after the first year of studies and the A2 exams at the end of the two-year course following year. The Russian A-level can be taken with or without previous Russian Examinations in GCSE level. Our new program was developed in response to the changes in the A-level examination which were introduced by Edexcel in 2017

Students who decide to take their exams with Znaniye must first sit a mock examination, this takes place in November and January. Students from other centres or schools can again request to sit their exams at our centre.






At Znaniye we also offer private tuition. Families may opt for this type of teaching if they would prefer a one-on-one teaching style or are unable to attend weekend classes.

If parents or tutors would like to prepare their students from home they can book a consultation to find out more about exam preparation and studies. 

Consultations are available to asses a students current level of Russian, to then asses and plan the best route to exam preparation.

I*Terms and Conditions*

 - Please contact exams@znaniye.com regarding any exams queries, questions and applications 

 - All students are required to sit a Mock exam at Znaniye Russian School prior to entering for an exam 

 - Fees must be paid on time and any late entries or amendments will carry and additional cost to the client.

- Any student who wishes to withdraw their examination application must inform exams@znaniye.com in writing. No refunds can be issued 

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