Znaniye Childrens Choir

In partnership with Klingen Choir and Cultural Association

As of September 2019, Znaniye is launching a brand new choir at our Chelsea branch, the artistic director and conductor is a well-known and experienced musician (Opera tenor, Pianist, theorist and Conductor) - Sipan Olah.

Classes with run on Sundays between 12pm and 1pm 

The goals of this Choir project are to bring together talented young children from different communities, teach them skills of vocal and musical art, to help them read music scores, to sing songs in different languages from different cultures, to develop their logical abilities through music, to take part in different concerts and festival performances in London and potentially abroad after time, to visit other concerts of well-known musicians at the Royal Albert Hall and other great venues in London, and of course to make new friends sharing the love of music!    

Sundays 12pm - 1pm

Chelsea Branch

£10 per session

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Tel: (+44)77 6931 3090

Email: school@znaniye.com

Exams: exams@znaniye.com

31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET, UK